Promobelgium Advertising Inflatables

PROMOBELGIUM is one of the leading suppliers of advertising inflatables, inflatable objects and bouncy castles. All products are made out of the best quality materials. We produce in our own contry. No Chinese materialsInflatable objects will be ready for use within a few minutes, the lightweight materials are pressurised by a small fan that is electrically powered.
Their unique advantage is the possibility to provide a large advertising space that packs neatly away when not in use. And that also means portability and costs very little to buy and operate.
The simplicity of these easy to use objects is for a lot of companies the reason to invest in inflatable multi-location promotions. We designed and created a lot of succesfull concepts. Inflatable products or mascottes for newspapers or petrol companies delivered worldwide to create the right attention for them.

More information ? Call us +32(0)476.341 590, Bloemenhofstraat 26, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium More info : contact us.


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